About Elshamy

Al-Shami Fruits was established in the year 1992. It was established at the beginning to grow and produce fruits and vegetables to feed the Egyptian market and try to obtain a share of the large Egyptian market in order to meet the gap in the quality required for the Egyptian market, and after proving competence and enjoying a good reputation within the Egyptian markets, we started heading to open foreign markets Regionally and globally, and due to our experience and always focusing on all the details and international standards, we have gained the trust of our external customers, just as we have earned and proven it within the borders of the Egyptian state.

Quality and sustainability are our primary concern and the basis of our strategy, which we always adhere to in front of our customers.
Our farms are located in the Tahrir district, which is considered the best agricultural area in Egypt at all, and is located in the middle of the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria, as we also enjoy the advantage of being close to both of the two largest cities in Egypt, as this region is characterized by the cultivation of citrus fruits, mangoes, grapes and strawberries.
Our vision: We strive to be participants in the global food basket of vegetables and fruits that conform to all international standards and quality and translate them.