To further assist our clients with the upkeep of their gardens, we can also recommend landscape maintenance contractors and gardeners to help with regular garden care. A modern irrigation system turns time you spend watering into leisure time and - if you want - can control the irrigation of your entire garden.

ClientAwesome Company
LocationMountain View CA
Year Completed27 June 2019
Surface Area450,000 m2
ManagementNicolas Pett


Green Grape

Product Name Color Shipping Weeks
Early Sweet Seedless Green 20-24
Sugraone Seedless Green 22-25

Packing Information

PackingBags Punnet Punnet
Carton Weight 4.5kg 9kg 5kg 4kg 9kg
Carton 30*40*13 40*60*13 40*60*9 40*60*9 40*60*13
No, Item / carton 8-10 Bags 18 Bags 10 Punnets 10 Punnets Without
No, Carton /pallet 170 85 120 120 85
No, Carton /container3400 1700 2400 2400 1700
Container Net Weight 15.3 Ton 15.3 Ton 12 Ton 9.6 Ton 15.3 Ton

Red Grape

Product Name Color Shipping Weeks
Flame Seedless Red 22-24
Timco Seedless Red 26-28
Red Globe Seeded Pink/Red 27-29
Allison Seedless Red 27-28
Crimson Seedless Red 29-30

Black Grapes

Product Name Color Shipping Weeks
Melody Seedless Black 26-28

Packing :–Plastic bag Carton: 5Kg N.W Carton contains 9-8 plastic bags X 500 Gm. – Bunt inside carton 5 kg